martes, 23 de abril de 2019

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See What Cannot be Seen.
We will never repeat it enough: photography is, like a drawing or a painting. A manner of producing images in two dimensions, it’s a mean of creating and not of reproducing as it was naively believed. In the beginnings of photography it was asserted that this, reproduced reality exactly.
Seriously, it’s another glimpse to the world. The human eye was once compared to a camera, but it’s a misleading approximation. Let’s remember some evidences: a photographer is not a painter; the lens is not a human eye and nevertheless the latter is not objectively efficient.
The photographer directs it and the photographic device obeys, and it is at one same time, that the final photographic image depends so much on man as well as in optics.
Nothing more simple tan a photograph: You look through a lens, a button is pushed and then you obtain a photograph. Thereupon we are satisfied to be able to take with us the image of two little girls sunbathing, or a landscape on a bank of a lake , either because we know the two girls or because we liked that specific  place. This is what the majority of people have to do to obtain an image.
But only art will be able to retain an audience and it will not be due to  a matter of feelings, but of quality. When a technique is at such close range of everybody, it is a bigger merit to extract from it something exceptional. So then, look at the pictures of José Martínez.