jueves, 11 de febrero de 2021


martínezV arte foto studio presentation
My photo studio is divided into four areas:

 The first area is my work at industrial and product photography, architectural photography, as well as food photography.

The second part "photographic decoration." That is, photos taken from my stock or special orders in color or in black and white, which we deliver ready to hang on the wall. These can help businesses and organizations to communicate, manage and reinforce their values ​​through images, motivational texts, logos or specific topics.

The third area is fine art Photo or author photography: photos for exhibitions, contests, old processes, experimental photo etc.

The fourth one are photographic workshops, for beginners, medium and advanced photographers, also as specialized courses on certain topics such as computer programs, fine art etc.

Remember that the skilled labor here in México is cheaper and I can send the work anywhere in the world.

Hoping I can serve you in some future I thank you for your attention and your time.

José Martínez

















 Presentación del estudio fotográfico de José Mtz Verea