lunes, 25 de mayo de 2020

Under the light of irreverence.©

 Under the light of irreverence.©

This photographic portfolio is called “Under the light of irreverence.”

I started working this portfolio about a six years ago it all started when the wind took inside my garage the ripped page of  an old book which was a bit burnt.

I saw this as a wonderful gift and I began to photograph old pages and books, making hand made interventions on them,  always looking to produce a direct harsh light, along with intimidating shadows.

I'm constantly hunting for books at flea markets , in places where they give them away for free, what interests me is to give new life to those texts that nobody reads anymore I´m looking to request a new form , a structure, an entirely new representation from a book which has been virtually abandoned.

I'm aware that I 'm shooting this in the light of irreverence , as I am physically altering these manuscripts in order to preserve them. I know, this sounds like an ambivalence.

This is a work on progress, there is still much work and research.


 No human figures allowed ©.

  Conceptual geometry ©.

 There is a season turn, turn, turn... ©
  Printed desires ©.
 The tide ©
  Prickly readings ©.
  Interweaving phrases ©.
 A Passage To Bangkok ©
  13 Rooted words ©.
  The three corners of a prayer ©.
  Georgious caused the flank wound ©.
  Midnight books & desert islands ©.
  Mechanical sunrises ©.
 Cult readings ©.
  Survival issues ©. 
 In the beginning ©
 The one who flew ©.
 Iceberg ©.

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